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People’s Travels (Pvt) Ltd. is one of the subsidiaries of the People’s Bank, a  renowned Government Bank in Sri Lanka, commenced its business operations in 1995. People's Bank, as the pulse of the people, sponsored People's Travels (Pvt) Limited in 1995  to cater to a strongly felt need of Srilankans to provide a reliable  affordable  and comfortable tour packages to popular destinations in the world and also for Air Tickets.

It is a pleasure to note that People’s Travels (Pvt) Ltd has been able to engage in the hospitality and tourism trade and organize outbound tours to many a popular destinations to the greatest satisfaction of customers. We specialize in providing a Total Travel Solution to both the Corporate and Leisure markets.

People's Travels is a member of IATA (International Air Transport Association) and represent all International Airlines and offer competitive Air Fares to any destination in the world. Due to its attractive competitive product and customer friendly services over the years, it has been able to win the hearts of the customers. Now, we are organizing Group tours to Thailand, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Egypt, Europ and Buddhist Pilgrimages to India.

In keeping with the Vision and Mission of our Company we are totally dedicated to provide our clients with a professional, efficient, warm & friendly service.


“To be the Market Leader in Outbound Tours”



  • To provide spectrum of travel related services to our customers
  • To give shareholders a rate of return over and above the industry average
  • To create a pleasant working environment for employees through training, empowerment and reward system
  • To give more emphasis on social and cultural values



Customers are the liflblood of our organization like in any other business venture. They are main contributor for the survival and growth of our organization. Therefore, we strive hard to retain their loyality by providing a courteous, efficient service by meeting the return on investments of shareholders.



Message From Chairperson

I am extremely pleased to issue this message in my capacity as the Chairperson of the People's Travels, a subsidiary of renowned Government Bank, People's Bank.

People's Bank, as the pulse of the people, sponsored People's Travels (Pvt) Ltd in 1995 to cater to a strongly felt need of Srilankans, especially in the area of affordable and comfortable package tours to popular destinations in the world. Due to attractive competitive product and customer friendly service over the years, it has been able to win the hearts of the customers. People's Travels (Pvt) Ltd, a premier travel organization and destination Management Company having proven track record of providing the highest quality of professional travel services. Our aim is to provide an unwavering commitment to our valuable clients' best satisfaction that leads to a mutually beneficial lifelong relationship.
We recognize that good service is more than the competitive price. We understand the customer's needs and design travel solutions that meets customer's specific requirements and desires.

Our customers have given us great feedback, which has convinced us that we can continue to provide memorable experiences for you in the future.

Lakshmi Sangakkara (Mrs)

Message From General Manager

People's Travels (Pvt) Ltd, one of the subsidiaries of the People's Bank. People's Bank is one of the renowned Government Banks in Srilanka.

The travel industry is undergoing an evolution so rapid that the manner in which travel services are provided is changing dramatically. Excellence in customer service and technical skills has become vital within the work groups. Keeping these developments in mind, we believe that People's Travels is the answer to complete travel management for every type of traveler – be it Business travel or Corporate Travel Management or Leisure Travel or pilgrim.

We understand that customer needs and expectations are ever rising and we strive to achieve perfection without the sacrifice of quality service.
One factor that has not changed over time is our firm commitment to providing the highest quality of services; dedicating the most qualified personnel and bringing the most overall value to support our customers travel requirements.

It is my passion to deliver a world-class experience and thank you for placing your confidence in us and that's what keeps us continuously trying to improve ourselves.

Priyantha Adikari
General Manager

Peoples Travels
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